Hello and welcome to, the website of British author, James Lamb.

This site is a showcase for my work. I usually produce what might be termed dark fantasy or otherwise horror and paranormal fiction. I think these labels are too narrow because my material straddles numerous genres but always with a twisted flavour. Some of my stories fall quite well into the realm of humour though again they would probably have some disturbing elements sneaking into it.

My books are displayed prominently around this site and you should find a description about each book and soon extracts from all of them. While Amazon does allow you to take a sneak peek inside each volume I am adding snippets so readers can get a better idea of the tales which will tempt them to buy and enjoy my work. I also put FREE stories for visitors which will be added to as time allows.

Visitors may note I have disabled direct commenting on posts because comments are invariable spam which is is automatically deleted. If you genuinely want to contact me I have included a link to my facebook page. There is also this link and one for my twitter page at the top of this page. I’d love you to follow me, I usually follow back and like my facebook author page.

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