Hello and welcome to, the official website of British author, James Lamb. While this site is meant to be a showcase for my work I also hope to share insights into all aspects of writing especially fiction.

I am of the baby boomer generation and spent many years creating stories for my own amusement. Works of fiction in the form of short stories and other non fiction stuff like articles were usually published in offline places like newspapers or mass market magazines. My work was well received and I enjoyed modest success seeing my work put into print. Everything is different now.

Now we have a whole new playing field.  The Internet and indie publishing. Amazon certainly blazed a trail with the kindle format and there are a number of other digital platforms awaiting the eager author. I concentrated on Amazon’s kindle publishing but I’m also venturing onto other platforms such as Smashwords. In due course I will likely make my work available in print form as well.

I have no shortage of ideas for stories but creating them properly and making sure they look and read as good as possible takes time. I am already working on another collection of short tales with plans for a follow up after that.

Future plans, another novel is currently in the planning / plotting stage and I intend placing some of my short works on this website free for my readers to enjoy.


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This site is very new and without a whole lot of content as yet. In time it will fill up with tasty content. At all times to find anything, please refer to the menus to the right of the page to locate posts, anything and everything to do with this site.


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