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Cargo of Death

The undead, rabid flesh eating monsters, things only found in movies and story books, right?

Rik Pinder thought so too...once.

Working aboard a cargo ship alongside his younger brother Jerry, he knew Jerry planned one last voyage before quitting... 

Titus Drummond's Dark Regret

A Victorian tragedy of unspeakable horror will, a century later, strike terror upon innocent lives.

In present day England, Frederick Tate, once a wealthy accountant, has been cheated and betrayed and is attempting rebuild his shattered life.

Still traumatised by a childhood... 

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Deliverance from Evil

Chris Cross, a failing author’s latest paranormal story is trash. He knows it but he’s broke and desperate for the money he prays it will bring. A gambling debt he owes to a vicious local gangster brings two merciless thugs hunting him down, he needs a miracle.

Then a surprise plea for help comes his way from Lauren...

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The Silent Minority

For property seller Sally Davis, a lunchtime encounter with a stranger was just the beginning of a series of bizarre and escalating events. Soon her life began to unravel. But, when finally revealed, the truth proved to be truly horrifying for herself…and mankind.

You Did a Bad Thing

A Short Story Collection:

You Did a Bad Thing

Instant Karma

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time


Together Forever

Just another Day

No Silver Lining

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The Promised Land

Fantastical Tales

A Short Story Collection:

The Single Girl’s Dating Survival Guide

Dish of the Day

A Lesson You’ll Never Forget

Death and the Salesman

Des Res

A Job for Life

Love You to Death

Death at Dawn

Merry Christmas Everybody

Fantastical Tales 2

A Short Story Collection:

Mr Black’s White Life Elixir

A God Called Bob

My Dirty Little Secret

Person’s Unknown

The Rabbit’s Tale

Will Work for Food

The Mind of an Artist

One Way Journey

A young couple leave a grand house for the very last time. As they flee that location, they leave behind a scene of apparent normality.

Yet, hidden away beneath this lie, are vile acts inflicted only by the most evil and sickest of minds.

A one way journey to a different place and a different existence had been their plan. And so it came to be thanks to the smiling, tall man who unexpectedly welcomes them to their destination.

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About the Author

James Lamb

Reader, Writer

Born a decade after the Second World War I am one of the baby boomer generation. I hail from the county of West Yorkshire, England where I still reside.

With a good number of years under my belt I have rich source of experience to draw upon for my writing. I excelled at school at just two subjects, English and Art and usually topped my classes in both, though to be honest I was appallingly terrible at every other subject.

I am a lifelong book addict irrevocably drawn to horror and strange fiction. It was thus inevitable I devote my time to becoming a spinner of peculiar and dark tales.

All my fiction is published online.